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THE BEST SPOTS Very special, private homes, in wonderful locations.

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In 1998 The Best Spots was established as an experimental endeavor on a way to make the Founder’s second home useful instead of letting it sit lonely and unused. He decided to open up his doors to families such as his own looking for a different way to vacation other than the usual overly crowded quarters of a hotel room. Quickly he learned that there was a big piece of the rental business that was being overlooked due to the industry being driven purely by competition. The guest’s needs and wants were almost always overshadowed by a dollar sign. Coming from a background of running convalescent homes, the Founder’s first interest was always in building lasting relationships with the people he came into contact with. Using this as a tool, he created The Best Spots and over the last 10 years has been able to purchase over 10 luxury rentals that he now rents out all year long.
To this day, the staff at The Best Spots continues to pride themselves on always putting the guest first. We have grown to understand and define what customer service means to us – going above and beyond the normal rental procedures to ensure that our guests have a relaxing and unforgettable experience by providing them with a home away from home in the BEST SPOTS possible.